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Welcome to Dazaifu City

More than 1300 years ago, Dazaifu flourished as Japan's western capital and became a part of the country's foreign affairs. Discover the city's rich and colorful heritage through its ancient attractions and important sites.

Dazaifu Tenmangu

太宰府天満宮 Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

Spectacular shrine with strong ties to art and learning

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Kyushu National Museum

九州国立博物館 Kyushu National Museum

Top-class museum with engaging exhibits on Japanese culture and history

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Kamado Shrine

竈門神社 Kamado Shrine

Where modern design and mountain worship meet

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戒壇院 Kaidan-in Temple

8th century Zen temple and former ordination hall

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観世音寺 Kanzeon-ji Temple

Art and history among rice fields and farmland

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Government Office Ruins

大宰府政庁跡 Dazaifu Government Office Ruins

The site of ancient Dazaifu's palatial administrative center

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Mizuki Fortress Ruins

水城跡 Mizuki Fortress Ruins

Walk the remnants of the city's former fortifications

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