About Dazaifu City Japan Heritage

What is "Japan Heritage"?

(1) About "Japan Heritage"

In each region in Japan, they have their own history, ruins, old buildings, townscapes and traditional events.
Japan Heritage is a project of The Agency for Cultural Affairs to recognize the narratives that tell us about those cultures and traditions through regional historical charms and unique features.
In April, 2015, 18 stories were registered as Japan Heritage and one of them is the story of the history of Dazaifu in Fukuoka entitled “The Western Capital of Ancient Japan ~Exchange Hub with East Asia~”.

The purpose is to promote the comprehensive maintenance and use of attractive tangible and intangible cultural properties, mainly through local efforts, and to revitalize regional economies by strategically promoting them within Japan and abroad.

(2) The difference between World Heritage or Designated Cultural Properties and Japan Heritage

The purpose of both the World Heritage and Cultural Properties designations are to value cultural properties (cultural heritages) and guarantee protection. On the other hand, Japan Heritage is not aiming to make new regulations to evaluate or preserve the existing cultural properties. Rather, it is aiming to revitalize regional economies by linking each narrative, regional and Cultural Property to promote Japan Heritage.

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