The Capital Welcoming Foreign Delegations
Where did foreign delegates come from?
Why did they come?

Formal delegates of the Tang and Silla Dynasty came to Dazaifu for diplomacy. Their purpose was diplomacy with Japan. Dazaifu had a responsibility to welcome and host those foreign delegates.

In those days, Dazifu was adjusted to welcome those formal foreign delegates, and a ceremony for those foreign delegates proceeded while elegant music was playing. After that, elegant tableware from Japan and the Tang and Silla dynasties were prepared and luxurious cuisine was served for foreign delegates. Thus they deepened their friendship.

Foreign delegates brought ceramics, spices, wool and so on. A large amount of silk and crystal was sent from Japan. At that time, “Silk of Tsukushi” was famous for its high quality. It could be the case that some of the silk that was brought back to the main land might have traveled through the Silk Road eventually reaching Europe.

From the Tang dynasty
Spices, ceramics and rhinoceros horn
From the Silla dynasty
Bo Hai
Leopard and Seal skin
From Japan
Silk, crystal*Japanese silk “Silk of Tsukushi” was highly valued by the Tang and Silla dynasty.
The style of the capital welcoming foreign delegates

At that time, there were common rules in East Asia for welcoming foreign delegates properly.

For example:

  • ◎A place to perform formalities and the road leads there.(The Government Office was located to the north. Foreign delegates came from the south.)
  • ◎The four points of the compass were very important.(Standing position changed based on their position and level of esteem)
  • ◎Kyaku-kan (The Guesthouse) had to be placed in a city for accommodation.

et cetera…. Ceremonies for foreign delegates had to be done by following these rules. “The capital” or facilities to be able to conduct those formal ceremonies were needed.

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