Information From the council

Momoiro Clover Z introduces the “Western Capital” Dazaifu.

A video preview of “Momokuro Dazaifu tour guide” is available on the “Western Capital” app now.

You can find Japan Heritage stickers at each “Collection of Cultural Assets” site in Dazaifu city.

If you scan these stickers with the “Western Capital” app, you can watch the “Dazaifu tour” video by Japanese idol group “Momoiro Clover Z”. (About 11 minutes and in Japanese only)

Download the “Western Capital” app now and visit Dazaifu!

*1 The western capital app is available on iPhone/iPad/Android devices. To find out more, check “Useful tools for touring” on this website.

*2 If scanning the sticker doesn’t work well, try scanning it horizontally.

*3 The council is uploading “Momokuro Dazaifu tour guide” video at the permission of the video provider. Hence, the video preview or viewing method is subject to change without prior notice.

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