Story-Composing Cultural Assets Site of Dazaifu Jobo (Grid based city)

  • Site of Dazaifu Jobo  (Grid based city)

This was the site of a town with land allotted in the grid pattern that was adopted by capitals of East Asia during ancient times. It was built during the Asuka period. In the Nara period, the Government Office and Suzaku Road were constructed. It resembled Heijokyo, modeled after Chang'an of the Tang Dynasty. An official in charge of Heijokyo designed and constructed the Town. There are still land allotments that leave traces of the Jobo in various places around the city.

Foundation Stone of Suzaku-mon Gate

Foundation Stone of Suzaku-mon Gate

 This place is 230-meters due south from the south gate of the Government Offices. Foundation stones were found in the riverbed of Mikasa River running in front of this place in the year 1982. Judging by its location, it has been considered that these foundation stones were for “Suzaku-mon Gate”, main gate of the south, to go into the Government office.

 South of this location there was the main road, Suzaku Road, with a width of 36-meters leading to the Government office. At both sides there was “Dazaifu Jobo” (grid based city) which the city built on a grid of 90 square meter sections. There were 22 sections (Jo) from South to North, 20 sections (Bo) from East to West and it measured about 2km wide.


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